Day 57: Auf Wiedersehen and thanks for following along

Today was a long travel day, however everything went so very smoothly. The car return was super easy and fast. Faster then any rental return I have ever experienced. We are totally impressed with the Renault Megane we got through Europe By Car.

The boys had one more final ice cream at the airport before walking to our gate. And the flight was relatively smooth with only a few hiccups. The boys had a much harder time of it since neither of them were willing to try sleeping since it was a daytime flight.

We are happily home and sad to see the trip come to an end. Thanks for following along on our blog. Do let us know what you thought? Did you enjoyed reading along? Did I post too many photos? Any and all comments would be appreciated.


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1 Response to Day 57: Auf Wiedersehen and thanks for following along

  1. Fathallah says:

    You mean the boys did not enjoy 8 hours of uninterupted DS playing??

    Sure did enjoy reading along!
    Would have enjoyed traveling along way more.
    Too many pictures? Nonsense! Well, o.k., the ice cream eating and boozing pictures got repetitive quite fast.
    The best pictures where the ones of you guys in them.
    O.k., well, more the boys than you and David.
    Love you!

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